What is The Dark Eye?

"The Dark Eye"(TDE) (German: "Das Schwarze Auge" [DSA]) is Europe's most successful Pen-&-Paper role playing game. For more than 27 years millions of players and their heroes have helped to create the largest fantasy universe world-wide.

The continent Aventuria is the center of the world of "The Dark Eye". With its countless climate zones Aventuria offers many unique settings for adventures: the perpetual ice, steaming jungles, the magic forests of the fairy folk, ragged cliffs, swamps shrouded in mist, barren deserts fertile farmland and the wild oceans that surround Aventuria.

These regions are populated by manifold peoples and cultures, from among which the player can recruit their character: Humans, Orks, Dwarfs, Elves, Goblins and many more. Many fantastic creatures also dwell on this continent: Dragons, Unicorns, Demons and a unique flora with wondrous herbs and dangerous plants.

Compared to human history the adventures are set in times somewhere between pre Christian times and the beginning of the Renaissance. Through this device players can experience the gladiators of the antique, medieval sword fights and rich cities with flourishing trade, not unlike Venice in the 16th century. Therefore heavily armored knights can battle fencing masters from cloak-and-dagger times or a galley might sail the ocean aside Vikings and pirates.

Legends and myths, faith and religion form the base for the different peoples and define their cultures and habits; be it a proud desert warrior, an angry dwarf, a forest dweller close in touch with nature or a cutthroat businessman.

The Aventurian history is not standing still. It is constantly progressing and has its own calendar. People and events that shape the adventures in Aventuria since decades and which the player can encounter himself, make this an epic and vital world. Witches flying on broomsticks, magicians yielding magic wands, votaries praying for godly miracles, knights using their swords to fight for justice … all this and much more is "The Dark Eye".

In role playing games all participants play the roles of fictional characters and lead them through the adventure. Since the actions aren't real but happening through dialogue, a player can fashion his character after any role model he likes. The only limits are the limits of the player's imagination. The only tools the players need are pen and paper – and dice. On paper the player's character will be defined through special number values for different character traits and abilities. The dice are used to find out whether an action was successful or whether the character failed in his plan.

A Pen-&-Paper role playing game is led by the game master and only he knows the adventure the players play - very much like a movie script. He works like a director, who describes places, motivations and actions of persons or creatures and any event, that influence the player's adventure.

Author (german version): Dr. Stefan Blanck
Translated by Matt Kempke